About Me

Tansi, Aniin, Boozhoo, Oki, She:kon, Greetings.

I am Innu from Northern Manitoba, born at Fort Churchill. This is my heritage, from the land of “Wapusk” (Whitebear/Polarbear). During my childhood, I lived at Lynn Lake, Manitoba. Our family was ravaged by colonization but we preservered and continued our traditional practices – hunting, fishing, land harvesting, and langauge in our family. Both of my parents worked hard to raise thier 8 children and afford a western style of education. 

I have learned to walk in two worlds; Canada provided structural and systemic Eurocultural life and, Innu parents and family provided traditional Indigenous teachings, landbased teachings, basic Innu langauge, Innu cultural and philosophical teachings.

Walking with Two Worlds, Hand-In-Hand has always guided me throughout life, as I travelled across Turtle Island, and embraced all forms of education. This has enhanced my studies, and has given me a strong lead in learning how to help others, in particular those who are also Indigenous, and struggle to deconstruct colonization impacts. 


“Hand-In-Hand, Western Education and the Indigenous World View”

About “Aleegis”

Aleegis is specialized in Indigenous World Views in Healing and Wellness modalities. Aleegis understands the Indigenous World View – the tribal teachings, landbased teachings, cultural teachings, protocols, the “Medicine Wheel” Philosophy, and a wealth more.

Aleegis provides evidence based practice and Indigenous “Pimitasiwin” (“The Good Life”), teachings that can also combine other theories and concepts to match the needs. Attachment Theory, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Biopsychosocial Model, Problem Solving, Solution Based, and others that you may want to explore. 

The Medicine Wheel Philosophy is a balanced approach to the mind, body, spirit and emotions.


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